Various kinds of high-grade stainless steel hairdressing scissors

We are committed to offering a range of professional hairdressing scissors made of stainless steel to meet the needs of different hair stylists.

Top quality hairdressing scissors - Damascus

By choosing Damascus hair scissors, you will experience the superior performance and long-lasting quality of premium materials, providing you with an efficient, accurate and satisfying experience when cutting hair.

Razorline FX001 Damascus Hair Cutting Scissors

Razorline FX003 Golden Damascus Hair Cutting Scissors

2023 Razorline FX006 Ergonomic Shape Handle Hair Cutting Scissors

Custom Classic Hairdressing Scissors - Wooden

Discover our carefully crafted original wood-handled hair scissors, combining classic wood materials with advanced cutting techniques. Custom built for the perfect blend of style and practicality. Choose Wooden Hairdressing Scissors to reveal your unique charms.

Razorline AK011 Selected Wooden Handle Design Hair Scissors

Razoeline AK016 Excellent Sharp cutting Hair Cutting Scissors

Razoeline FX012A ECO Friendly Hair Cutting Scissors

New Arrivals!

Be the first partner to learn about our latest Scissors!

Custom new and upgraded hairdressing scissors—ATS314

Discover the innovative evolution of the ATS314 hairdressing scissors, combining advanced technology with high quality materials. Choose Razorline’s ATS314 Hairdressing Scissors, a professional tool ahead of its time.

Razorline AK17 Best-selling Professional Hair Cut Scissors

Razorline AK17T Shears Salon Hair Cutting Scissors

Razoeline AK19 Ergonomically Handle Hair Scissors

Razorline AK19T 7 Professional and Stylish Thinning Scissors

Razorline AK20 Professional Hair Cutting Factory Outlet Scissors

Razorline AK20T Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

Custom top sharp hairdressing scissors—VG10

A masterpiece of modern craftsmanship to create the superb VG10 Hairdressing Scissors, thanks to their excellent cutting power and durability. Choose VG10 Hairdressing Scissors to cut everything perfectly.

Razorline CCK055 Japanese VG10 Steel High Quality Hair Shears

Razoeline CCK007 Advanced Outside Ball Bearing Screw Scissors

Razoeline CCK015 Professional Hair Scissors for Barber Shop

Custom Japan Seiko Hairdressing Scissors—JAPAN 440C

Combine quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to create professional JAPAN 440C Hairdressing Scissors to add to your cutting skills. Choose JAPAN 440C Hairdressing Scissors and become an expert in cutting.

Razoeline AK18 High Quality Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Razoeline CK101CP Sword Blade Sliver Hair Barber Scissors

Razoeline R1 Hair Cutting Scissors Case Hairdressing Scissors

Razoeline R1T 2023 New Arrivals Hair Cutting Scissors

Razoeline R101 Barber Shears Hairdressing Shears

Razoeline R101RT Best Quality Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Custom designed hairdressing scissors full of artisanal craftsmanship—Craft China 440C

Crafted with care to showcase artisanal craftsmanship. Give your cutting skills a unique style with the Craft China 440C Hairdressing Scissors. Choose Craft China 440C Hairdressing Scissors, the perfect companion for creative cutting.

Razoeline R16 Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Best Barber Sci

Razorline R16RT Silver Barber Hairdressing Cutting Hair Scissors

Razorline R22B Customized Colour Safety Hair Cutting Scissors

Razorline R22B- Hair Salon Cutting Scissors with custom logo

Razorline R22D Factory Customization Fancy Hair Scissors

Razorline R22P Professional Cutting Thinning Barber Scissors

How do we stand out from other factories?

Our factory has development and R&D capabilities, with an annual export capacity of 120W pieces, which can meet our customers’ needs for large orders.

We have a strict quality control system, from the purchase of raw materials to every step of the production process, to ensure that the quality of our products meets the requirements of our customers.

Within 7 days for samples and 45 days for large shipments. In general, delivery lead times vary depending on the quantity and type of product ordered. We will arrange production as soon as possible after confirmation of the order and will endeavour to meet the agreed delivery date.

If customers encounter quality problems during the use of our products, please contact us promptly and we will deal with them as soon as possible and provide after-sales service, including repair or replacement, etc.

We take our clients’ bespoke requirements and design confidentiality very seriously and we sign relevant confidentiality agreements with our clients and ensure that information about their requirements and designs is not disclosed to third parties.

Yes, we can provide a bespoke service for product packaging and signage to help our customers create a unique brand image.

custom made durable hairdressing scissors—SUS 420J2+

Choose the outstandingly durable SUS 420J2+ Hairdressing Scissors for a long-lasting companion for your cutting skills. SUS 420J2+ Hairdressing Scissors, the superior solution for your cutting needs.

Razorline CK47w Economic Grooming Shears Set Stainless Steel Scissors

Razorline CK50 Asia Professional Factory Direct Sale Hair Cutting Scissors

Razorline CK50T Barber Shears Hairdressing Shears Manufacturer Hair Cutting

Custom cost-effective hairdressing scissors—SUS 420J2

Choose quality alloys and customize your SUS 420J2 Hairdressing Scissors to provide a long-lasting and durable cutting experience.SUS 420J2 Hairdressing Scissors, become your trusted cutting tool.

Razorline CK111 Stylish Hair Cutting Salon Scissors for Man and Woman Hair

Razorline CK112 Hair Scissors for Hairdressers Thinning Scissors Barber

Razorline CK113 Wholesale Fashion Design Professional Salon Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

Two crossed and stacked hairdressing scissors


How to Custom?

Understand customer requirements:

Establish close communication and collaboration with customers to gain in-depth understanding of their needs and expectations. Engage in phone calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings to gather detailed information about their customization requirements, including material, style, length, weight, and other specifications.

Offer personalized design:

Based on customer requirements, provide personalized scissor designs. Collaborate with customers to design unique blade shapes, handle styles, decorations, and more, aligning with their brand image and market positioning.

Customized packaging and branding:

Provide customized packaging and branding services. Design exclusive packaging boxes, labels, and instruction manuals, incorporating customers' logos and brand information, to enhance product exclusivity and market competitiveness.

After-sales support:

Provide comprehensive after-sales support and warranty services. Promptly address customer inquiries and needs, offering solutions and technical support to establish strong customer relationships and reputation.

1110003 PCS
2022 Export volume of hairdressing scissors


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