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We pay great attention to the quality of our hair scissors from material to production process. 100% mass production inspection. 12 months warranty. Lifetime product warranty.

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Razorline Colorful wood Hairdressing Scissors

Blade Type:Convex
Stainless Steel Type:VG10
Model Number:FX012A
Color:Colorful wood
Size:5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Razorline Professional Barber Scissors

Blade Type:Convex
Stainless Steel Type:Jappan 440C
Model Number:CCK015
Size:5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Razorline Hair Cutting Scissors

Blade Type:Convex
Stainless Steel Type:Damascus
Model Number:FX001
Color:Damascus pattern
Size:5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Razorline Hairdressing Thinning Scissors

Blade Type:Convex
Stainless Steel Type:
Japan 440C
Model Number:AK19T
Size:5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Razorline Professional Barber’s Texturizing Teeth Shears

Blade Type: Convex
Stainless Steel Type:
Jappan 440C
Model Number: AK23TE
Color: silver
Size: 5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Razorline Hair Cutting Scissors for Thinning

Blade Type: Convex
Stainless Steel Type:
Jappan 440C
Model Number: CK72BT
Color: Black
Size: 5.5",6.0" and 6.5"

Most Popular Other Hair Tools


Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Single Blade

Color: Black

Handle: Fancy Rubber Plastic

Use: Face, Body

Service: Free Sample


Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Single Blade


Handle: Folding Razor

Use: Body, Face Hair Cleaning

Service: Free Sample


Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Single Blade

Color: Chocolate

Handle: Wood Handle Design

Use: Body, Face Hair Cleaning

Service: Free Sample


Material: Fancy PU Fabric

Zipper: Nylon Zipper 

Color: Black

Weight: 180g

Use: Protecting Hair Scissors

Service: Free Sample

Hair Scissors Manufacturer

Razorline Manufacturing is a trusted manufacturer of professional hairdressing scissors with nearly 30 years of industry experience. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as CNC process. With nearly 200+ skilled workers. In 2022, we exported 1.2 million pairs of Hairdressing Scissors to our partners!

At Razorline Manufacturing, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products, professional technical support and competitive prices. Our experienced R&D team also provides OEM and ODM services to help you expand your business in the field of hair scissors and hairdressing.

Discover Razorline Manufacturing’s range of customised hairdressing scissors including packaging for hairdressing scissors, mates for hairdressing scissors: combs, capes and barber’s aprons.

Whether you have a supplier or not, we prioritise long-term partnerships and strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Contact us now for more information.

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What kind of hairdressing scissors do you want? You can consult our professional product managers for free! We will provide you with professional and efficient product services.

Factory Direct Price

There is no additional charge for your order! All hairdressing scissors are manufactured and wholesaled directly from our factory!

Free Samples

Worried about the quality of hair scissors? After you initiate a price inquiry, we will provide 1-to-1 full-stack services.

OEM & ODM Custom Service

As a professional hairdressing scissors manufacturer, our research and development team will help you tailor-make the hairdressing scissors you have in mind.

Fast Delivery

You don't need to worry about the delivery time of your products! We have advanced CNC production lines, experienced workers and ERP system to ensure orders are delivered on time.

Brand Logo Printing

Want your logo on hairdressing scissors and product packaging? Of course you can. You can get brand logo printing services to increase brand awareness in the market.

Quality Control

Quality first, create professional hair cutting scissors! Razorline hair scissors undergo multiple quality control to ensure that each pair of scissors meets the standard, so that your hairdressing business can achieve outstanding sales with half the effort.

Our factory has been audited by BSCI. All production processes comply with SGS standards. 100% mass production inspection. Ensure the integrity of wholesale orders. In-house QC team and third party inspectors are responsible for mass production.

As a professional hairdressing scissors manufacturing company in China, we understand what you need from your hairdressing scissors and take quality very seriously. Our hairdressing scissors are certified by UL, CE, RoHS and so on. Product quality is guaranteed.

Our professional hairdressing scissors are made of high quality stainless steel materials, such as VG10, JAPAN 440C and domestic 440C, and so on. Ensure the quality of hairdressing scissors without causing problems such as unsmooth use, excessive noise and hair splitting.

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Razorline’s Qualification Certificate

We have a full range of BSCI, CE, ISO and other certificates and awards for our products, which ensures that your project or brand is not at risk of infringement.

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