Surprise Gifts and Special Offers from Razorline Manufacturing at VIETBEAUTY!

The VIETBEAUTY show is just around the corner and RAZORLINE MANUFACTURING will be showcasing the latest hairdressing scissors and tools at HALLA stand U11. We have a range of attractive gifts and special offers for our exhibitors, so you can experience the show like never before!

2023 Vietnam Exhibition Poster

At this highly anticipated show, we will be offering our customers the following compelling benefits:

  1. Peripheral gifts: First of all, customers who visit our stand will have the opportunity to receive a beautiful peripheral gift. These gifts will highlight the brand image of RAZORLINE MANUFACTURING and give you a sense of our attention to detail and care.


  1. 10% discount voucher: Secondly, as a special offer, exhibitors will receive a 10% discount voucher for their orders. This means that you can purchase our hairdressing scissors and professional sets at a better price, giving you better value for money on your purchasing plans.
Coupon Campaign

10% OFF, You Can Get!

  1. Hairdressing Scissors Professional Kit: We have prepared a Hairdressing Scissors Professional Kit for customers who are about to place an order. These sets consist of high quality hairdressing scissors designed to meet your high requirements for hair cutting tools. Whether you are a hairdressing brand, a supermarket or a salon, these professional sets will provide you with an excellent cutting experience.

limited edition scissors set

We will give a carefully selected scissor set to customers who place an order on site, and the set supports the packaging design. So that you can get the exclusive scissors set.


We invite you to come and visit the RAZORLINE MANUFACTURING stand and meet our team in person. During the exhibition, we will share with you our latest products and solutions, showcasing our expertise and technological leadership in the field of hairdressing scissors manufacturing.

Razorline Team Transaction site

Remember, RAZORLINE MANUFACTURING’s stand is located at HALLA U11 at VIETBEAUTY and we look forward to meeting you at this event and offering you a unique experience and special offers.

The VIETBEAUTY trade fair is not to be missed, and the world of hairdressing scissors is a fascinating one with RAZORLINE MANUFACTURING!

Sincerest greetings.



Razorline Invites You to Join the 2023 Hong Kong Exhibition and Explore the Latest Innovations in the Hair Scissors Industry

The 2023 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong is coming soon. During the past 3 years, COVID-19 changed the world and gave big challenge to the hair scissors industry. Razorline always devotes to develop and innovate new products to support customers. In the past two years, we invested US$500,000 CNC machines, it greatly improves production capacity and enhances products’ competitiveness. The 2023 Hong Kong Exhibition will be a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our latest product lines and solutions. We cordially invite you to visit our booth and experience the exceptional quality and innovative products offered by Razorline. This will be a chance for us to engage with you face-to-face and delve deeper into how we can meet your needs. We clearly target customers in the European and American markets, as well as brand owners, retailers, beauty salons, hairdressing establishments, and bulk purchasers of hair scissors and hair tools from various markets. We deeply understand the pain points and needs of the hair scissors manufacturing industry: a lack of cost-effectiveness, poor quality, slow delivery, and inadequate service. These challenges represent our opportunities because we respond to your needs with the following advantages and selling points: Market Reputation: We take pride in being

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The art of shears-Razorline

Which country makes the best scissors?

Hairdressing scissors are one of the most important tools for hairdressers and their quality of use and effectiveness has a direct impact on the professionalism of the hairdresser. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a quality hairdressing scissors, many people have questions about which country makes the best hairdressing scissors? On the market, there are many countries that manufacture hairdressing scissors, such as Japan, Germany, Italy and China. Each of these countries has its own unique hairdressing scissors manufacturing process and choice of materials. When choosing hairdressing scissors, you need to consider factors such as shearing power, cutting accuracy, comfort and durability to choose the best hairdressing scissors for you. Japan is one of the leading countries in the manufacture of high quality hairdressing scissors and its hairdressing scissors are renowned for their precision and comfort. Japanese hairdressing scissors are made of mainly high hardness steel, with fine cutting effects and a comfortable feel to use, but are more expensive. Germany is also one of the countries that make quality hairdressing scissors, and German-made scissors are known for their excellent craftsmanship and quality. Most German hairdressing scissors are made from high quality steel and have a long service life, but

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